Haskell or Rust?

Is it better to bet on Haskell as the more comprehensive language for early DAPP development on Cardano or should I go with Rust? I don’t have time to do both.

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Hello and welcome @DAPP360_MIKE,

glad to see you here. If it is your intention to write Dapps, then you need Plutus (very close to Haskell only a few differences). Rust is not an option. You can get the Plutus book on Leanpub for a price you set yourself, even free. https://leanpub.com/plutus-smart-contracts

A great way to start is the free Udemy course for Marlowe (DSL): https://www.udemy.com/marlowe-programming-language/

There is also one for Plutus:

To give you a better entry point, visit testnets overview page:

Especially the playgrounds:

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I have the Plutus book already and started learning Haskell. However, I do see the Shelley Rust test net is ahead of the Haskell. So, i got a little concern that i am betting on the wrong horse.

I see. In the Shelley Rust testnet, only the node (jourmungandr) is written in Rust, not in Haskell. It has nothing to do with the smart contract language of Cardano.

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Makes sense. Thanks.