Withdrawing rewards and deregistering through Yoroi is exported incorrectly in CSV

I recently withdrew staking rewards and deregistered a wallet in Yoroi and when I exported my transaction CSV to import into another tool noticed that the event was exported as a withdrawal with sell amount 0.0 and fee amount 1.820683 (the 2 ADA staking deposit minus the transaction fee).

I would expect this to actually be exported in the CSV as a deposit in the amount of 1.820683 or in the amount of 2 with a fee set, as deregistering is giving the amount back to the wallet rather than taking it. The transaction in Yoroi shows +1.820683 utxo as expected.

I’m not sure where to report this as a bug, hopefully this is the right place.


Hmmm, this is a good question. I’m not sure if there is a good solution to this. Maybe exclude the 2 ADA deposit & refund entirely from the CSV history?

That’s a possibility. However if left out, both those transactions have fees that should show up at least.

A downside I see to leaving the deposit out is that the CSV doesn’t reflect the state of the wallet (the balance of the wallet is reduced 2 ada for the duration of delegation).