World Cup Wagering on, a prediction market built on Cardano

Project introduction
Name: Freeport
Description: A Prediction Market Built on Cardano

Wagering is now open on the England vs France World Cup match on We’ve also opened a market for users to wager on U.S. inflation (CPI) for November.

I’ve listened and taken suggestions from my prior post and made adjustments to the website. I’m still working on a host of other large improvements to the project including: plutusV2 upgrades to reduce fees, market creation capability for the masses, stable coin integration, a more robust reputation system, smart contract audit followed by open sourcing, and many UI improvements.

I plan on adding all World Cup matches semi-finals onward, so look out for those and other markets in the future.

As always, any feedback is appreciated.

Discord: Freeport Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

hell yeah, that’s what we need.

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