YIELD - Cardano Stake Pool introduction

Hello Everyone,

Greeting from India. Hope everyone had a good weekend and is continuing to stay safe! We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our staking pool, YieldWallet.io.

Name: Yieldwallet

Website: https://www.yieldwallet.io

Pool ID: 425c7395eae433c74acc5145402ae1b226256a453be5865fd375b065ca72d54b

Ticker: YIELD

Tax fee : 0 ADA

Tax (%) : 5%

Tax cap: 0 ADA

We’ve been experimenting with various hardware configurations and software and are happy to announce that we’ve finally converged on a solid hardware config and a custom Node.js stack to monitor and manage our services and uptime. More information on this and who we are.

Please email support@yieldwallet.io or reply to this thread with any questions. Long live Cardano!




Any thoughts on what the payout potential might be % wise? Thx.

Hey, this calculator should help determine what types of rewards you'd be getting: https://staking.cardano.org/en/calculator/

Thank you very much.