Yoroi to Cardanoscan to exchange

Nope, it’s the same … good to know

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Or they want to have it on different addresses, but for Cardano it’s a totally valid transaction to send everything to the same. … Then, I’d say, it’s the exchange’s user experience fault.

You should see on bitrue if u go to deposit → cardano something like this

anyway… wait few days and in case u still don’t see the funds… contact the bitrue support

Will do! Thank you everyone here for your support. Hope you all have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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…9s4 is Bitrue receiving address

did u checked the address on cardanoscan.io?

He did:

Yep. The receive Bitrue ADA address is the same as the output address to Bitrue showing on Cardanoscan.

I still believe it happened because u sent ada + wmt same transactions… contact bitrue support team

Thanks Alex. I did and am now awaiting they’re response

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