Yoroi walet, rewards history does not show up

Recently I noticed that the reward history window would not show up in Yoroi wallet (Dashboard tab). The total rewards amount was correctly presented, but there was no chart with bars where I could see how many ADA I got each epoch. It worked before.
Is this temporary issue? Could you shed light on it?

could be related with the rewards calculation issue

Hi guys I want to ask something every time that I’m withdrawing the rewards I’m losing from available founds why ?? It should be the opposite… I don’t know what’s going on … 3 times that I did withdraw the three times mi us from the available founds…

you will lose ~0.2 ADA for transaction fee… is that the right amount?

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Almost but why ???

because each time when you will withdraw the rewards, a transaction must be submitted and… each transactions has a fee…
that’s why you should withdraw the rewards once/month or once/2 months…or… but not each epoch

Ok, let’s see how it goes.

I know that it takes fees but when the rewards are more than the fees why doesn’t add the rest of the rewards …

Same observation. The graph was present before. Today, It disappeared . . .

Same here. This happened after the Alonzo fork. Now there’s no way to audit your reward payout by Epoch now.

This was a great feature. Why would they even think about removing it?

Is this going to be fixed?

yes, will bee, till then go to pooltool.io → rewards data for taxes → paste the stake/payment address → click search and voila… .same data as yoroi


Oh wow . . . you revealed a better tool !


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Thanks Alexd1985, it worked even better :slight_smile:

Thanks, Alex!