Yoroi wallet Failed to connect to Ledger

Hello ! The ledger nano does not connect to the Yoroy wallet. I cannot send or receive any Ada. The ledger works for Bitcoin and other coins.
This is the message that i get : Amount

10.000000 ADA

+0.169444 ADA


10.169444 ADA

Failed to connect. Please check your ledger device and retry.

i did restart the computer and uninstalled , reinstalled ADA on the ledger.

What else can i do ?

I changed the title to make it more descriptive. I don’t have an answer I’m afraid.

These days the Telegram support group is more active: https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport

And/or you could try Ledger support.

Good luck.

I just set up my ledger and tried to send it but it wouldn’t send. for me it turns out I had to log into ledger live and then it was able to connect. haven’t sent bitcoin or anything but it might help.

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