Can anyone track all this scammed cardano?
If it’s being transferred to a staking/exchange company can anyone do anything?
Seems strange No1 is really concerned about the volume of cardano being scammed.

I got scammed with the youtube scam on Sunday 5/30.
I lost close to 275,000 Ada, which is all my money I worked hard to make. Money was staked when I withdrew it just before the sam. It has the staking key (would that help tracking it)
I won’t try to blame myself or anyone else except the terrible people that did that to me and my family.

Cardano community, please help me. There must be a way to protect people from those scammers!

Thank you

Anybody, transactions on the Cardano blockchain are public by design.

In case of staking, there is no transfer. For an exchange you have to get in touch with them and follow the procedure.

About that, please have a look at

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