Youtube scam videos

Why are they doing nothing about this and stoping it dead in its tracks. Really starting to piss me off now! I cant believe the amount of attention, hype, false reporting this bullshit is attracting and damage it is doing to the cardano eco system and good name.

Max Maher posted a good video today on his struggles and frustrations on youtube and other platforms scams to his audience and he did a pretty solid deep dive on what he found ($2 Million Gone.. Crypto Scammers Took it All - YouTube) It’s absolutely insane youtube and google ads allows this to happen but it’s also a great lesson to everyone to realize they exist and not to let greed and stupidity cloud your decisions. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Yes I seen that. Youtube are complicit and just as bad in my eyes.

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Ok Youtube apparently does not do enough to block such videos but let’s be honest and admit that all of those scams are possible just because of our greed and desire to get something for nothing.

Speak for yourself!

While it may be a stretch to call YouTube/Google complicit (since they probably aren’t actively giving these scammers a pass), they certainly can be accused of negligence. But then, like with any dinosaur before them, the main problem is that they’ve simply become too big to care. Sooner or latyer they’ll be done in by something that becomes too big to ignore but can’t be stopped anymore.

@mcrio has a point though — is it reasonable to expect Google e.a. to keep us safe from what lurks in the unregulated waters of crypto? We can certainly pressure them to do their part, but in a decentralised system the end responsibility will mostly lie with he end user.

And as any person with IT support experience can tell you: nothing is foolproof to a determined fool. For some people, no amount of warnings, blocks, checks and failsafes will ever be enough to protect them from themselves.

Go into crypto with the mindset of an explorer (i.e. leave nothing to chance), not a consumer. It’ll become more consumer-friendly over the years, but for now we’re still at the stage where anyone who doesn’t do their due diligence is basically a stereotypical tourist, marching all fat and happy into the T-rex enclosure of Jurassic Park just before the storm hits.

Here be dragons :wink:


A constant live stream parody, might inform investors…

I’ve seen YouTube adverts with these scams running in them. Does YouTube not actually check the adverts they are running on their network prior to showing them to consumers?

What do you think, if they check, they’re complicit? If they don’t, well that sux.

This is the best idea yet!!!

What is???

he was referring to this post:

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I’d be very surprised if they did. Ever tried contacting YouTube, Facebook e.a. and tried to get a real live human on the line? Yeah…

These systems are largely automated. Getting approved is a matter of providing the right information (notice I didn’t sat “correct” or “truthful” :wink: ) and possibly a cursory pro forma check. Once past that it takes a lot of flagging before the alarms get loud enough for a human employee to take notice — and then some for the corporation to react…

P.S. Also, while I like the mockup idea, I should point out that technically it is in fact a legitimate giveaway. Just not in the direction you’re led to believe :stuck_out_tongue: Spamming these may very well be more effective than counting on YouTube to intervene…