ZeroKnowledge Proofs in Plutus

From what I heard Plutus / Smart Contracts will bring also the possibility to do Zero Knowledge Proofs.
I could not find further Details in the Documentation.

So here are my Questions:

  1. Anyone knows where to find more detailed documentation on how / if ZK Proofs will be implemented in Plutus.
  2. If ZK Proofs will be implemented into Plutus are they limited to the domain of ada / token transactions or can they be considered as some sort of ZK Framework to proof other Datasets from other Domains as well (i.e. age)?

Some info can be found in this document:

Some bits in this video with Markulf Kohlweiss about Zk-SNARK IOHK | Markulf Kohlweiss, Zk-SNARKs & Zero Knowledge Proofs Research. - YouTube

And in this video of Charles: ZKProof Workshop - YouTube

However looking at it from the perspective of someone trying to apply it to real world problems it all still seems to be in the research phase?