0 reward generated after more then 4 Epoch cycle

After more than 4 Epoch cycle I see 0 ADA in my rewards wallet.
How do know that I am correctly staking to a Pool and how long does it generally take before I will start seeing my rewards? Thanks

Which pool are you staking to?

You should be able to find that pool on https://adapools.org/ and see if that pool has minted any blocks.

I am staking at the 4ADA stake pool. I see they have 2 pools not sure which one I am staked into.

123.700?? Ada?

See here: EMURGO: Staking on the Yoroi Shelley Testnet wallet (tutorial video)

Do be wary, when staking pools are sorted by revenue in Yoroi 4ADA shows near the top but this is their old pool and is not active. You can try tools like pooltool.io and adapools.org to see which pools are active and make a staking decision.

I opened up my test net wallet which I created in yoroi on daedalus. The interface for staking is a little friendlier and it’s easy to see the which pools are up and running.

Use the seed to restore wallet, good luck out there