0 TXs processed for BP node

I have a two relay and 1 BP setup. The relay nodes seems to be processing transactions. But the BP node is not showing any transactions. Is that expected?


Your BP has IN/OUT peers?


Seems to be connected to both my relays

Yes OUT peers is fine but IN peers?

which configuration enables that ? is it the topology in my relay nodes?

Nope, there is in topology updater script from relays (custom peers)

Also check if on BP u opened the port to allow connections from the Relays

From relay try

telnet BP_IP BP_port … saying connected?

Is it mandatory to run topology uptater? I just got the first 30 topology from cardano topology (https://a.adapools.org/topology?limit=30) and included in my relay topology.
And yes, I can telnet from my relay node to BP node. Actually, my relay node is on the same host as my BP node for now (will move it as soon as I have the whole setup working)

On your relays yes, it’s mandatory to run topology updater…

topology updater needed in case you want to be sure that the addresses are ok. but for a startup it is enough to go with a 1 time generated topology.json