$1,000 to $132,005 in 2 Years - With Cardano ADA?

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Would be nice if Coin ever went up for Christ sakes. Starting to think this is a bust :face_vomiting:

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Got to have a lot of patience for this game! :grinning:

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I hope you’re right! I think Charles is an interesting mind, is why I’m investing in Cardano. But he does ramble like a MoFo, so I can’t tell if he is brilliant or a psycho :man_shrugging:
Being he has already made half a billion, does he have the same fire now as he did with Ethereum? I guess it’s hard to say . I’m betting yes , as he says he travels 200 days a year all over the world. I guess time will tell.

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He most definitely has the fire in the belly. This is a very personal mission for him.

It often takes a bit of both to be succesful :slight_smile:


Уважаемый друг, извини , что вопрос не в тему, у меня есть награда или награды, пожалуйста подскажи, в чем это выражено и как награды вывести на адрес кошелька…благодарен…

Come at me bro

One who is prepared and waits for the unprepared will be victorious

Sun Tzu

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Here are my predictions based on 3 scenarios :


Everyone knows coin is a bust but what about lite coin, ethereum, doge coin, cordano? Will those hit 5 grand per share or ever hit as high as 50k per share like bitcoin has kept increasing ?