1 owner - 2 pools

I am creating 2 different stake pools. Can I use the same stake.vkey and associated payment.addr with both pools?
If so, does the pledge need to be separated into separate UTXOs?

Nerver tried what you are trying to do. I’m quite sure that your pledge has to be on two different addresses therefore you you would have to stake them separately.
Correct me if I’m wrong…

It would defeat the point of pledging if one single account could pledge to several pools at the same time. We would be all tapping the wallet of the same whale by now :slight_smile:

Therefore, the easiest scheme for two pools - as I see it is :

A singe reward account for both
A specific pledge account for each pool

You’re left with a minimal setup involving three distinct accounts.

Remember that the reward account must be registered on chain, even if not delegated.