Multiple pledge adresses

HI all, we are looking for a way of multi-pledge. we used cn tools to get the node running. it works just fine. now we want to add another PLEDGE-Adress (not stake). We are looking for a guide as we tried a lot of way with no success. Can some explain - a step by step guide would be most appreciated.

Hi Tobi,

I’m not sure if you can register multiple owners using cntools, but you should be able to tell from the documentation.

You will need to create a new address and register the stake address component, and then re-register your pool adding another stake.vkey parameter entry for pool owner address, creating the delegation certificate for that new/second stake address, attach the both stake address delegation certificates and the pool cert to the build transaction, and sign the transaction with all corresponding skeys for all vkets used.

If you are limited by cntools, I suggest review the stake pool school documentation to understand how to manually register a pool.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have specific questions.

Your friend, FROG

If i recall correctly you can do it with CNTools. Go to Pools and Modify, then there was one of the options to add keys for Multi Owner pool.

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How do you accomplish this offline? I need to add a “cold” owner address. I have relied on ATADA scripts. I don’t think I would be here any longer without those!

Hi all. Thank you a lot for your help. We did it! Really appreciate it!
We will help as well if someone has a question about multi-pleging. So just ask:
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Hi there! Sorry to reopen this but the official Cardano notes mention the multiple owners with multiple keys certs but they don’t provide the code for it so… have I to figure it out?

I am also looking for instructions on setting up multi-pledge

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It is posible in cntools to add other pledging address; u must register the address first from cntools - wallet - import and after go to pool - modify - and follow the options