10.1.18 Update on Daedalus bugs, issues and improvements from Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of IOHK


Dedicated support to resolve exchange platform issues

What has been implemented?

  • We have set up a 24 hour support line with both Binance and Bittrex and we are working careful to resolve any issues

  • We now have also created a dedicated work stream and assigned personnel specifically to improving the experience on our exchange partners platforms

  • We have also created a dedicated work stream and assigned personnel specifically to improving the experience on our exchange partners platforms.

Safe storage of Ada

The safe storage of Ada has been set as the highest priority of features for the moment.
This includes cold storage options such as cold wallets, paper wallets and hardware wallets along with multisig support for Daedalus.

For Ledger our hardware wallet partner we are working with a third party firm called MetaLair. While we have some control over the development process on this project we can’t give a firm date as to when this will be launched as we are working with a third party. We have however told MetaLair that this is a high priority and something that the community desires.

More user logs required for Daedalus and better log reporting feature planned

Unfortunately we had to cut submissions to logs in the Bryon release. We hope to get this feature out sometime in February.

Our plan is to allow users to directly submit logs within the GUI of Daedalus without having to go to the Daedalus website support page which is the current process. We really want to get a better understanding of how and where are users clients are failing.

Unfortunately a high proportion of users who are experiencing issues are not sending us logs. In particular the connecting to network issue that many users are experiencing is becoming somewhat problematic.

We have some ideas on what might be causing these issues and we have ideas on how to resolve these issues but these are hypothetical until we actually get logs and hunt down these things.

We can’t find the route cause of the problem until we receive more user logs - so please do submit logs by going to https://daedaluswallet.io/faq/#support

A priority to improve the wallet recovery speed

There are a few things that I am not happy about. Currently it takes too long to recover the wallet and we have made it a priority to optimise this. Some users believe the wallet has frozen when in fact it hasn’t frozen, it’s just taking quite a bit of time to recover. We are working to speed this up and make the user experience much better.

Linux version of Daedalus a low priority right now but we want to release in the near future

Unfortunately the Linux version of Daedalus has been moved to a low priority but I along with many community members want to see this released in the near future.

Finally I am sorry that these issues have caused some pain and also sorry that there have been a lot of bugs that have caused some usability issues, meaning Ada is not as optimal as it could be.

Need help with Daedalus wallet restore

Charles thanks for your honesty and taking thetime to let the community know what is happening behind the scenes. I believe in the project 100% and I believe in you.
Cardano is going to be awesome everyone in the community should stay positive and appreciate the communications from Charles.
It will all be good in the end I can feel it.