Known Issues on Daedalus Following the Cardano 1.4 Release

IOHK recently released Cardano 1.4, which was the most significant update for Cardano to date. You can read the announcement here and the release notes here.

Following the release, we have been made aware that some users are seeing some issues so we have compiled the commonly observed ones here with the corresponding help articles that contain troubleshooting steps or further information.

Node Crashed or Cannot Connect to Network Issue:

If your Daedalus wallet shows an error that the Cardano Node has crashed, please refer to this article:

Very Long Processing Time

If your Daedalus wallet is stating a very long processing time, please be patient. This is due to the optimization of block storage which will improve your wallet functioning moving forward. You can read more on this:

For all other help articles, please head to IOHK Support.


What about Nano Ledger? We’ve been waiting for almost a year now!
Get your act together Cardano or you’ll be eclipsed!

Ledger Firmware v1.5 (Jan 2019) will contain an important module, required for Cardano/ADA.
Based on this firmware Yeroi and Daedalus will be integrated in the next weeks.

Anything else to complain?


I am having issues coneting to the blockchain I followed the instructions in Daedalus wallet upgrade-Known Issue. I uninstalled Daedalus and reinstalled latest version, I still cannot connect, and now I get the message node crash. What to do now?

I would recommend you to go to the TG group. 9 out 10 times they are able to help and fix issues. Community there is amazing