Daedalus 0.13.0 won't load, node start crashes immediately

After downloading Daedalus 0.13.0, and installation, when the icon is clicked to run, it starts to load, “Starting Cardano node”, and then says, “Cardano node crashed”. The menu commands above top lhc all work, the application appears to be operating. Repeatedly, the sequence above occurs. I have redownloaded, rebooted… Anyone know wha is wrong?

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Despite the change of category, you might get even better results by posting your question in the Telegram support group: https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport

I just needed to delete the old wallet completely to remedy the install. Support was great - I am happy with Cardano. Thanks for your interest.

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You didn’t pay anything for it and you’re free not to use it.


That isnt the point. Other blockchain companies have created perfectly working wallets. Cardano should be able to. It is concerning

That’s very interesting, please tell me which wallets work “perfectly”, and how you know.

I am sorry to hear that Daedalus isnt working as intended for you. Can we assist you with anything?

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