10K NFTs project minting require Passive Relay or Producer+Relay?

Hello everyone,
Me and my friend finalized the development of a p5.js generative project of 10K pieces running a nondeterministic algorithm (each piece is a generator itself) and we’ve begun to dig more on the Cardano ecosystem.
Although there are some easy to use alternatives to minting big batches of NFTs we would like to get our hands “dirty”, get better understanding of the environment and be of help in the future. I’ve scanned the forum and couldn’t find answers to my questions so I would appreciate some help.

  1. To my understanding for minting you’d need only a Relay Node so what’s the recommendation?
    a) Stake Pool - block producer and block relay => 2 Virtual Machines (+1 air gapped machine)
    b) Passive relay - Daedalus as a Cardano Node for minting NFTs

  2. Are other alternatives or recommendations?


Much appreciated

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Got some advises and the conclusion was to build an external relay node; for backup purposes a 2nd one can be built in case the main one fails/gets down (How to setup an external passive relay node - CoinCashew)