Adding Additional Relay

Hi all! so we have setup a new stake pool with a block producer and 1 relay node which had been operating for 6 weeks now. I followed coincashew guide on how to do so and it seems to be doing fine except that it hasn’t got any rewards yet. Now we have decided to add a new relay node, so I’ve created a new server and did coincashew steps up to installing glive. The db is fully synced now.

My question is, should I jump to Step 12 (Register Your Stake Pool) or should I do Step 18.4 (Changing the pledge, fee, margin, etc.)? if i did step 12, would it charge us again as if we register a new pool? i’ve tried doing step 18.4 but it threw an error when I tried to submit the transaction.

Any guidance is highly appreciated.

Adding another relay is a matter of changing your topology, ledger updates are not necessary. The added relay would point to your BP (to fetch newly minted blocks), the BP would (also) want to point to the new relay (to fetch mempool stuff and ledger state). It’s a pull model.

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