Problems during setting a new node (portfowarding,etc)

I try to install a new node into PC (Ubuntu 22.04) and face two problems…

  1. Port is closed even though i set portforwarding…
    Public IP : 6000 .
    Is there anything to set in Ubuntu for portforwarding?

  2. Many problems. I am not sure I correctly downloaded configuration files…

I don`t know what to do… Anyone can help me?
Or where can i find the way to install 8.7.2 (or 8.7.3)??

it looks like u don’t have the conway file
The port is closed because the node didn’t start/synced

conway-genesis exists… :frowning:

hello. Alex. I solved problems.
The reason is that coincashew shows 8.8.X version`s node…
Always thanks.