Processed TX: 0 Mempool TX/ :0

(Chapter 14- Coincashew- updating topology)

I got to the point where I should be having transactions-but I dont. The screen shot is of what I have so far on the relay. I did open a couple ports with IP for external relays on the firewall according to what I found in the topology updater.

What I see here is plenty of peers but they are all only out. Would an expert be willing to guide me in some next steps? Thank you

After other nodes update their topology from TopologyUpdater they will slowly start to connect to your node.

Don’t forget to run the updater once every hour, to send a heartbeat.

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Keep open only the relay port (in your case 6000) on relays to accept connections from any… and keep the port open on producer to accept connections only from relays

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I have transactions! It appears I have relay connections, as far as I can tell this is where it needs to be, everything appears to be clicking and ticking- thank you once again for the prompt help.

As a follow on question, I do not see this pool in Daedelus and am wondering what triggers that event in the event I need to do more digging.

What is the ticker?

QUACK (like a duck)

Few errors for the relays

Also the daedalus missing reason could be the description of the pool; I think is to much :slight_smile:

That is incredibly helpful, I can adjust the relay problems I think but if Im not mistaken shortening the description is not necessarily an easy fix? I will look into that, and thank you

I saw in the past this issue (daedalus) which was caused by long description

Can you tell me specifically what all I would need to do to change the description without it causing a problem elsewhere?

Create a new pool certificate and submit

Before change the description inside metadata file

Step 18.4 if u use coincashew setup

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