Troubleshooting Deployment of Producer/Relay Nodes

I’ve been using the Coin Cashew to get set up. I think it’s working but I have yet to process any transactions so I’m not sure. What should I do to test or troubleshoot further?

UPDATE 12:30pm ET - I have processed my first transaction so I think I’m good?
Processed TX : 1 Out / In │
│ Mempool TX/Bytes : 0 / 0 Peers : 3 1
│ Processed TX : 1 Out / In │
│ Mempool TX/Bytes : 0 / 0 Peers : 1 1

I have a small amount of ADA in the pool so it may impact how many transactions I’m getting.

Views - Mashup as I can only include 1 image per post

Already Checked:

  • Pool shows up on
  • The pool is funded to the pledge amount

I’m generally new to crypto and ADA - getting into it ahead of the smart contracts launch Soon™. Appreciate any help.

The relay has no IN peers (other than the Producer) check the fw and the topology updater script

Hi Alex, thanks for your help. As an update, I reran the full topology set and updated the certificate + limited the relay to ipv4 (no ipv6) and am up and running. Thanks for the guidance :bowing_man: - I referenced a bunch of your other thread responses with similar issues to troubleshoot and your help was invaluable.

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Galde u made it work!