19 year old BTC millionaire...will this happen again?

Hi all,
Do you think this will happen again with any crypto, or is the market already too saturated?


You can count on that 100%, Blockchain technology is very young as a science and there plenty of things still to be invented, researched and developed!
If you consider for example Etherium, there are less than 1% of the world’s developers with attention to Blockchain applications, once a majority join the space it would “I hope” bloom a new innovative exciting ideas and your job is to figure out which idea you could invest on now or next months that has the scientific and philosophical fundamentals to be successful!
And after a long run of ups and down this story could be repeated!

Now, I really suggest to you not to think on monetary value for now instead of the quality of the project, for that Cardano is a candidate but you must be patient


Thanks for your insight. Yes, I’m patient and looking forward to new features like staking and seeing ICOs launch on Cardano BC.

Reason for my question is, recently I sat down with family to discuss crypto and they believe it wasn’t going happen since there’s already a lot of global interest. In their defence, I also thought this too when I first got into crypto.


Looks like it will! Check out the article if haven’t already. “Cardano is 2nd chance for people who missed out on BTC” Thanks Dusty!