2 core 24 gig ram $60 vs 6 core 16 gig ram $80 (Linode)

These are Linode prices, but which one would you pick for a Cardano Block producer & why?

Server backups/snapshots an extra $20 for each.


Harddrive is small also, so an additional storage



The second, because more CPU is better, and 16 GB of RAM should be sufficient for now. However, you need more storage, I would say to have at least 400. It’s always better to have some extra room for future updates that requires higher specs, otherwise your BP would stop working!

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Check also these prices


@Alexd1985 Thanks for sharing the netcup site. Never heard of it. Last year, you posted information about Contabo, which I’ve found to be reliable and reasonably priced, even using their virtual dedicated servers for the bp and backup node. netcup’s prices for root servers look better than Contabo’s prices for VDS’s Do your nodes run on netcup?

Mine nope but someone does and he said is fine…
TBH I never heard about but … I never heard about contabo before :slight_smile:

I have used Linode 16GB for node producer in the past and it worked Ok. No issues. Less than than the 16GB in Linode might stop working specifically when doing block calculations using cncli commands.