31 March Cardano Development Update with Tim Harrison and Aparna Jue

Dear all,

We are having another Cardano Development Update on 31 March with Tim Harrison and Aparna Jue with the Byron Reboot and the recent Cardano developments as a primary topic.

This crowdcast will be led by Tim Harrison and will take place on 31 March at 18:30 CET

About the Byron Reboot:

The Byron Reboot contains the foundational code on which the Shelley era of the mainnet will be deployed. In fact, we have already deployed new Shelley era relays onto the mainnet and these have been running well now for a couple of weeks. The reboot is the beginning of the transition of the entire mainnet Cardano codebase and the features that Shelley will bring - like staking, delegation and, of course, decentralization.

Please feel free to think about your burning questions and submit them here so that they can be collected in advance.

Thanks and see you soon!


Hi Tim and Aparna,

Thank you both for this live update. If safety hasn’t been covered as part of your update, would you mind covering some simple safety awareness for people who might not be very confident online and nervous when it comes to their assets.

A criminal will abuse the confusion of individuals at this times. Common scams are:

  • telling people they can claim their rewards / new tokens by putting their seed words in a malicious website.

  • sending their ADA to an address which will release the rewards.

  • criminals steal the identity of Ambassadors and officials, usually on telegram. They contact people from the Cardano channels via direct message. (No official will cold private message anyone) double check by contacting the official person in the public channel.

Basic advice to remember is, never give seed words to anyone or put them in any website, only use them in an official wallet when restoring wallets.

Anyone who contacts you directly out the blue in a private message to help, or advise you how to do something… Is malicious and trying to scam you.

Thank you, as we see scams increase at this time.


This is a good reminder! I’ll see if I can put together a separate post to pin with these common scams.

Edit: Posted and pinned an announcement here. Thanks for the suggestion.


Would be great to figure out how to use dust to donate somewhere. Any ideas on this as it ends up in many cases in your account when you trade. You all are great- looking forward to the great things to come in the short and long term!


I would like to ask a question regarding a potential defi application in Cardano. Based on the fact that the idea will be similar to MakerDao, I would like to ask if there will be any competition between the ADA that are going to be used for staking and the ADA that are locked in the Cardano defi platform.
In general, delegated ADA will be available for use as collateral?
Thank you in advance and thank you for the hard work!


What major bugs are still remaining on the haskell testnet if any?

How many pools have been setup to actually run it in internal testing?

The big question is what would be the anticipated approximate length of time for that haskell testnet once we bring the itn pool operators on board?

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When will you release the haskell testnet and will there be an easier way to run a highly available cardano node for stake pool owners at the beginning of the haskell test net? like in https://github.com/input-output-hk/jormungandr/issues/1551?


Assuming Shelley and Goguen don’t get released together what kind of marketing could be done on Cardano behalf? What would be the big selling point?

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Is this the right time to start working on Dapps, e.g I’m interested on tokenization of real state. What would be the right steps to take?


Hello CF,

First of all. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Thank you for staying extremely motivated and being leaders of the industry.

A question that I have is for each member - If you close your eyes and fast forward to a year from now (say…April 2021) where do you see yourself in this project, what do you envision for the Cardano project, and what would be considered a success up to that point.

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@tim harrison. Could you please tell more about the communication plans we could expect in the next months. So that more people know about cardano and her opportunities. A few months ago there was the annonciation off the cooperation with one off worlds most famous communication agencys (i don t know the name anymore unfortunelately. But i ve nt seen much yet.


What do you guys expect from the community? How can we help now that Shelley is close?

BTW You’re great Tim, your videos are extremely good I enjoy them a lot.


Hey Cardano team! The main question I had was how do you guys plan to market Cardano to the masses? There is a lot of talent on the team and a lot of transparency with the community, but what are your guy’s specific plans for marketing Cardano to the masses once Shelley and Goguen are released?

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Hello there!
How hard does this Corona Lockdown affect you to collaborate with each other?
In addition, how do you manage to progress with such a handicap? :slight_smile:

We had a big summit last year. Are you going to organize something similar for 2020?

Can you comment on a potential Coinbase listing?

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Hi Tim and Aparna,

Thank you for this live update!
If you have not already, can you please comment on the state of the pledge mechanics planned for mainnet?
It would be great for stakepool operators to be able to plan out their pledge strategy in advance.

Best regards from your passionate community :slight_smile:

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