Keep An Eye Out For Common Scams!

In light of the recent crowdcast from Tim and Aparna about recent updates to the Cardano tech, and inspired by a timely post from @Lgbeano, we wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone that any time there is an update to the codebase, scammers make an appearance to try and take advantage of the confusion. This is a good time to cover some simple safety awareness.

  • Never share your seed words with a person or website. The only place you should ever enter your seed words are directly into your (official) wallet during a wallet restore.
  • Never send your ada to a stranger unless your intent is to make a payment directly to them. Rewards are not being released at this time, no matter what you may be told.
  • Be extremely wary of direct messages, even from people who claim to be Cardano Ambassadors or Foundation staff. Almost invariably, anyone who contacts you out of the blue claiming to be a Foundation staffer or Cardano Ambassador is out to get something from you.

For more extensive information about how to stay safe online, please have a read here:

Be safe everyone!