A Challenge Cardano Should Solve

The World Bank has announced a 100k challenge to create digital IDs that give people complete control over their privacy.

Charles talks about this in his interviews and I think Cardano should participate in this challenge, because, frankly, any form of digital ID that doesn’t live on a decentralized network won’t give you the privacy and control you want.



This sounds like a potential use case of the Cardano eco system. It could be built on top of the Cardano Blockchain, making use of smart contracts etc. but it is not something to be solved by the Cardano eco system itself. Also, a 50k price is probably not the greatest incentive for a company like IOHK to focus effort on building such a solution right now.
Once Cardano is mature enough people like yourself can start building such projects on top of it.

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Now, that is interesting! Thanks for the info.

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I’d say It’s not about the incentive but more about the fundamental alignment of the ecosystem with the idea of the ownership of your digital ID.

Digital IDs are a fundamental layer that would have to be thought through from ground up, sort of like protocol itself. It would be good to have actual scientists working on IDs. I wouldn’t treat them just like another app.

Cardano will eventually move in that direction, offering its digital solutions to governments… I would even bet they are thinking about digital IDs now.

Why not start here and now with the WB?

This could definitely put Cardano on the map. It would be a good marketing for the platform too.

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it´s quite a hot topic …


https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/hyperledger-indy (consortium scenario)