A little victory and a question

Hi all,

I hope this finds you well. This morning I have achieved a little victory on the way to operating a pool :slight_smile: yay!

My new testnet pool “ADRE2” is up and running, and unlike the previous ones, it appeared immediately on Daedalus! Yay again!

I have now delegated some tADA to it and will see it popping up at the end of testnet epoch 83 (roughly 6 days from now). How can I check who is delegating to my pool and how much?




Hi Adrem,

Congratulations dude. You’re well on your way.

You might need to change some things up to accommodate your environment (testnet vs mainnet ledger query command), but here is a script operators had used to pull a count and list of delegators from the ledger:

Your friend, FROG

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hi questoin for everyone…,

:upside_down_face: is it necessary to build on testnet first?

Can I build my pool on the mainnet and get it properly setup without using the testnet?

I’ve be reading a lot of pool setup guides and some make reference to both testnet and mainnet. Its kind of confusing since I’m referencing some very good setup youtube videos that only cover a portion of the setup (very well I might add) but when I try to connect video to a separate guide I find that their PATHs or commands differ slightly. Any suggestions on a current guide that was made or updated recently for straight to mainnet launch (without testnet)?


hi @HighStakes,

you do not have to setup on testnet first. Depending on your level of confidence and expertise you may be able to get everything to work as intended and properly secured directly on mainnet.

I would not recommend that path, as testnet is designed exactly for trial-and-error and works on the same basic principles as mainnet. Once you’re happy with your setup there, you can go mainnet.

Check out both the gitbook (stake pool school) and https://www.coincashew.com/coins/overview-ada/guide-how-to-build-a-haskell-stakepool-node

I think you’ll find that differences between test and main are minimal in the way of coding.

All the best,


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Awesome. This will be my first pool… but not my first rodeo. Thank you for clarifying.

no problems @HighStakes,

let me know if I can be of any further assistance. As a side note: @JT_Cazorla and I are still working on testnet. If you choose to go that way, let us know, as we are joining forces to connect our testnet pools and do further testing before mainnet launch.