A Portuguese Guide on Cardano has been released (eBook)

Hi there! This is just a reminder for all Portuguese speaking community.

I just released a PDF book serving as a guide for newbies entering Cardano. I also crafted it to serve as a tool for content creators wanting some all-in-one helping material to provide to their audience.

Hope you enjoy, cheers from Sao Paulo!

This is the Portuguese post:

“Guia Cardano”, um eBook em Português para a comunidade Lusófona - Português - Cardano Forum.

Direct page to download the PDF:

Guia Cardano (cesarscapella.blogspot.com).

Some info:
The digital version will always be free.
Pages: 92
Format: PDF
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Author: Cesar Scapella
Devices: Tablet, cellphone, computer

Will soon be available on Play Store (free) and Amazon (free for Kindle, paperback for cheap price).

I did a search for any other Cardano book on Amazon, Google, etc, couldn’t find it. Am I the first ever to publish a book on Cardano? That would be so coooool! But correct me if I am wrong.

Cesar Scapella

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