A problem with INDIGO PROTOCOL? One user's experience

So decided to experiment with Indigo, I created a cdp 2,980 Ada, Feb 1, 2023 @ .38 120% collateral.
948 IUSD recieved.
From my calculations ADA price would have had to fall to about 32c to initiate a liquidation.
From then to now 2/17 ADA has never dipped below 35c.
Now to be fair my math isnt the greatest but what gives? Even beside the fact of getting liqudated maybe a bit early or Im missing something.
I think Indigo should provide more detailed record on its platform, from the white paper it just states “if you cant find it, it means you are liquidated”. That is scuffed at least provide time, date, price liquidation happened. Come on provide some records. The UI could use a lot of work. Is this suppose to be the future of finance? Definitely not a protocol I could feel confident to use at scale, if this current iteration is to remain.

Hello @Wonderer

I was under impression that liquidations start around 110%. No protocol will wait until it’s even money to liquidate. That would make then constantly lose money on the fees.

If it is 110% then price you would of been liquidate at was 0.348. Ada price dipped twice below that level on February 13th.

They do need a lot of work to reach any basic level of futures exchange type of UI.