A systems engineer with a doctorate in social change

Dr David Podger once worked for IBM in Sydney Australia, but left after a few years in the 1960’s to manage the first computer installation in Papua New Guinea, becoming a citizen of that country at its independence. David’s doctorate is on the general phenomena of change. He devised a simple diagram of change, explaining that occupational roles are accompanied by their ‘role maps’, values centered schema that inform and drive the deeper aspects of role execution.

He explains: I bought as many ADA as I could when they averaged 7cents each and hold all of them still in a Daedalus wallet. Guess I’m a believer.


Hi @OddPod, welcome to the forum! I am interested in the field of social change, where would you suggest a newbie could start to read up on the subject?

Welcome @OddPod David :slight_smile:

I want lots of people with your background to join my revolution :wink:

Seriously, I’m also a systems engineer, and I’m deeply interested and connected to social change movements. Would love to collaborate somehow.

Hello and Welcome to the Cardano community and Forum! All the best :slight_smile: