About The Ability To Adopt Technologies From Others

A modern blockchain allows tokens to be minted, has smart contracts, several L2s, scales well (sharding), has a privacy solution, etc. It is often about multiple interconnected chains in one ecosystem. The crypto industry is entering a phase where the ability to implement existing technologies best becomes important. Teams need to think about security, efficiency, and user experience. Bitcoin has a BRC-20 token standard, the community is talking about stablecoins and DEXes, the first ZK rollup through BitVM was recently introduced, etc. Bitcoin is catching up and adopting existing technologies from other projects. How is Cardano doing in this regard? This is somewhat similar to Apple’s strategy. Cardano is never first to market, but when it comes up with something new, the design is well thought out and it works reliably. Some projects copy Cardano and vice versa, Cardano adopts technologies from others. One of the aspects that can determine success will be the quality of the implementation of available technologies.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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