About the RSA and Key Open Files

Hi I wanted to know what is the RSA private key and what is used for?

Also I use in my old Daedalus in the acid-1.0 a file in the same type of the key file called Open, what is this for?

Can this be used for the Restore function?

You will be able to import using keys, but NOT without your spending password (or your recovery phrase to re-generate keys) - as explained on other posts. There is no hidden mechanism that you’re not being told , your spending password is used to encrypt the private key, and is not stored anywhere - for good security reasons (otherwise wallets will not be safe enough)

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If that key is not encrypted, you can validate this by using the public key (which I assume we can just pull from the chain) to encrypt a small phrase and then try using the key to reverse the encryption. I believe you were uncertain whether this was a key from before you set the spending password, right?

Yes can it be the code for the spending password

A sexta, 12 de fev de 2021, 10:16, James Cauwelier via Cardano Forum <cardano@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

so with this key can I obtain the spending password? or part of it?

No, but if this RSA dates from before you set the spending password, then you wouldn’t need the password. Possibly you could create a wallet where you replace the RSA key with this one in your disk. But I really do not know the details of how it works, so you may need to replace other files as well.

Is there a possibility that this was an old RSA file or did I misunderstand that part?

And what did you think about my other idea of limiting the amount of passwords to guess? Do you have a history from a password manager for example?

This RSA file is from my first wallet I think it is before I even open a wallet. Is it possible to use it to recover a spending password?

No, but is it the key for the same wallet from before you generated the password? Or is it a different wallet altogether?

Same wallet also my secret.key file is from 18/12/2019 and the secret file is from 25/04/2020

Before, I was under the impression you had multiple versions of the secret.key, but it doesn’t seem that is true. Wish I could help.

I only have 1 secret file. This file was made at 25/04/2020 and the secret key file was made 18/12/2019

The RSA key was created in 25/04/2020 does this mean it as nothing to do with the spending password?