Need help in the Daedalus wallet

I have been in this situation for years now.
I have a first era Daedalus wallet and I have lost both the spending password and the seed phrase for it.

I thought I had the phrase but it turn out to be a papper wallet seed.

I have looked for a solution for years but nothing. I still have all the wallet files on my pc and the secret file intact.

Is there a way to help me in any way possible???

That’s usually game over.

Best chance is to search again and again and again.

As far as I understood

there was a possibility to have an empty spending password. Are you sure that yours was non-empty?

When I openned the Wallet I Don’t remember any spending password. How can this BE?

You could read the linked post and the Github repository linked from there. It seems like in the early days it was possible to not set a password at all or set an empty password.

But, honestly, @KtorZ and @_ilap know much more about these early Byron wallet recoveries than me.

How can I transfer without a password or with a empty One? Can I ask anyone for Help?

You could try:

They wrote it. They should know.

(Would be really nice if you could report back here.)

They Said they could not Help as always…

Thats so sad :frowning:
I don’t know how much crypto we are talking about, but you could make a backup, just in case the computer crashes.
Also you have unlimited tries to brute force the spending password.

Brute forcing the spending password is ‘easier’ that the seed phrase (more possible combinations). Maybe someone will come up with a piece of software to brute force it.

When creating a new wallet you could consider storing your seed phrase redundant, like in this template:

Good luck!