About Vasil HF update

We’re now into the final mile as we head towards the Vasil upgrade and HFC event. Work is proceeding well, and our operational focus remains on delivering the H/F by the most efficient route BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY to the right quality.

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It is IOG’s responsibility to execute a successful upgrade / hard fork that is safe and secure. It also requires minimal disruption to exchanges and ecosystem partners - from Dapp developers to 3rd party tools providers.

The integration program towards Vasil is the most complex to date from a number of angles. It’s a process that requires not only significant work, but also close coordination. As well as the core node, multiple components also need to be upgraded, covering everything from DB-Sync to 3rd-party APIs like Blockfrost. Therefore, there are numerous interdependencies etc.

With so many moving parts, the focus is now on ensuring close Cardano community collaboration, so we get everything to line up properly and to the right quality.

Today we’re delighted to report we’ve successfully delivered a new Node release for Vasil with the first release of our new CLI, inc. new Plutus capabilities. Alongside, we continue to address the remaining issues we’ve caught in our extensive ongoing testing program.

To ensure ecosystem partners have the time they need, we have just spun up a new dedicated developer testnet using this new node version and extending the core group of developers and ecosystems that we are directly collaborating with.

This final testing process is now underway, with 40 projects Building on Cardano. This will help ensure that any changes do not adversely affect functionality for the Dapps that are already live on the network.

Our focus now shifts towards tracking weekly milestones, which will inform next steps. Within the current plan, 10 June will be the next internal decision point to assess whether we are in the right position to H/F the main Cardano Testnet.

Thanks to all the projects supporting this next important stage. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on progress in our next mid-month development update.
-IOG & CF Teams

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