ADA addresses white-list + Password

Please allow me to suggest to add ADA addresses white-list in “SEND” in Daedalus and Yoroi. More detail here at 0m59 sec

Thank you.

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@anon89300330 …what’s wrong with you? Are you here to harm Cardano’s reputation? Are you bitter? Why are you bitter? … Don’t bite the arm that feed you!

Hi @maxnero, please stay on-topic :slight_smile:. You can attack an idea or concept not the person. If you find content offensive there is a flag button on discourse.

Thank you.

As long as Charles appreciate and ask me more of these critics videos I wont care about haters like you. And what made you believe that I care about your opinion.

Topic about White List addresses and password is a serious topic. Please do not pollute our community with hate speech.

Thank you.

@Bullish … not attacking anybody … Crypto sounds bitter … @anon89300330 … I am surely not a hater … guess you got it all wrong! I’m interested in your argument

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I hate this online discussions!!! forget it both of you @Bullish & @anon89300330 … won’t get into an argument here … you are both right! With this attitude this Cardano project is going straight into the wall … Have you not realized that nobody is contributing on this forum?

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I am most honored to keep on chatting privately with Charles often and I always send him the videos first, just after upload.

He loves people that challenge the power and appreciate critics.
If you support a project it does not mean that all is pink in LALALAND.

When something can be improved or added, why not saying it?

I can not disclose the private conversation that I have with Charles. But t least dont be narrow minded if someone critics ADA. Critics are here to have a stronger ADA. And I never complain about price, just ideas.

@anon89300330 Sounds good & great … Keep at it! I won’t try to be the wise one to interfere! Wish this project realize and be fruitful. I just hope one day it realizes that’s all. Wish you all well guys. Bye for as long as it takes!


Most welcome Sir

Wasn’t my intention to offend you :slight_smile: Things will change for the better soon, pretty sure you know why this place has been neglected. You are a regular…

To get back on topic, how did you first get to talk to Charles?

I often commented his tweets and posted crazy fakes interviews of him.
He love Monthy Python humor and I know he smiled at my stupid videos.
Charles is a happy man and enjoy live.

We got in contact on Telegram and he often answer my messages.

But he type so fast when he wants to contest my ideas (Mongolia for example)

Then he explained me the real potential of that country but he could not make some info public yet. I have this info and I wont break our trusted relationship that I have with him.

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You are right, i apologise.

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Sounds interesting.
So a hacker can send my Ada only to my white list and not his address?