ADA Contract Address

I’m trying to transfer my ADA to MyEtherWallet, but first I have to request the token. It asks for the Cardano contract address and number of decimals. Can someone help me out here? Thanks.

ADA is not a token, you can’t use MyEtherWallet. The standard wallet is Daedalus but there are others, see

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@panapal Just to be completely clear here.

You will loose your funds forever with no posibillity of redeeming if you try to transfer ADA to your ethereum wallet or other token standards. Only use services based on the Cardano Blockchain, that explicitly say they support ADA. The link over is a good guide to services offered.

Please just don’t do that, MyEtherWallet is for ETH and erc20 tokens, ADA is different. you need Daedalus, Yoroi and any other wallet that supports ADA.

Also good to know: no ADA wallet will allow to actually transfer to an ethereum address. It will throw a “please enter valid address” error.