ADA for Payment Processing

Question: If you are selling a set of items and each item can only be sold/bought once. How would it be possible to take an ADA payment and stop multiple people from buying the same product more than once?

You can setup a payment address for each item/product, but there will be a time, between one person purchasing and another purchasing. Where a second or n number of purchases could be made before the product gets marked as sold.

Do you refund anyone who purchased after the initial purchase… yuk!

Any assistance would be great!

@Casey_Uhrig Hello,

Maybe you can set up a queue in UI that is limited by minting amount/ quantity. If your quantity is one, then after they press “Buy” only one (timed) queue window opens which has a timer. Anyone else at “Buy” sees “Paused” .
If purchase successful, then no further queues are created and “Sold Out” shows instead of “Buy”.
If purchase failed or queue window times out, then “Buy” active again.

This is similar to what Buffy Bot Publishing does for their NFT promos. Example here:
Except you would allow purchase of only one NFT at the time.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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I had thought of something like that. The problem I see is that an evildoer could create an auto-clicker and click buy on all the NFT’s and keep them in a paused/locked state so no one could buy :frowning: Guess I could only allow a person to lock/pause each NFT once every 2 hours. hmm.

If that is the only concern then you can just add Captcha to queue window. If you use Google developers account you can use their upgraded reCaptcha free. (Well free 1st million clicks, which usually means free for most of us :grin: )