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I just start to change my XRP to ADA, Not a lot, but some. I want to ask some question to the community.
The reason why I start to change XRP to ADA is because I see some unfairness from Ripple. They keep selling XRP to the market every month (about 1bio) and that’s make the price always low. It can be go up because everytime people buy, The Ripple Robot sell the XRP.
My question is “Is ADA also do the same thing?” or Who holds the most of ADA? are they selling the coin for their operational cost?
I see in the market we have 25.9 bio of ADA. Are they increasing everyday? or just stay 25.9bio?
If the one who hold ADA the most want to sell ADA from their pocket, Do we know?


Any Expert or pro user in this forum that can help answer my question?

I try to answer your questions:

No, they don’t. (idk if this is true for XRP)

This is usually answered by so called “rich lists”:

Not Emurgo, IOHK or the Foundation.

Not right now, this changes when staking goes live.

Yes, if you like to dig through the rich list transactions you can see what’s happening.


Wow your answer it’s like magic. Thanks a lot.
It is true for XRP you can google it 2017 Ripple put 55bio XRP in Escrow and now they selling 1bio XRP every month with programmatic sales.

I’m sorry but can I ask more question?
What is ADA TPS (Transaction per second) When I transfer ADA it takes about 1-2 hours. Is that normal?
What is the application of ADA in the future? I only know that right now XRP is the banker’s coin. They try to send money with XRPL. What is ADA function or aim in the future?

Not sure what the actual TPS of Cardano right now but it’s pretty low. There the number 5-7 tps floating around the internet. There are plans to have the system scale organically so that with more users/nodes there’s higher tps. (Here is a video explaining the max tps for Cardano)
Each block time is 20 sec. and takes at least 9 blocks for a high assurance level, that makes 3 minutes. 1-2 hours transfer time is too long.

Cardano is to be used as a financial operating system, especially for the unbanked. ADA is planned to keep the Cardano protocol alive and decentralized through block production with staking. There are also plans to for a treasury system from accumulated transaction fees where the pool of ADA are to be used for funding upgrades in the system. ADA currently can be used in South Korea to purchase from around 33 or so stores offering a cheaper transaction fee compared to debit/credit cards.


Thanks… I really appreciate it. I start to love this community. LOL


welcome to the forums INDO!


The estimated single thread performance per seconds with Shelley is between 100 and 250 TPS. There are several AMA answers about this if you are interested check out:

if you don’t have the time to watch all of them, I recommend the first (AMA 03/12/2019) and the last (IOHK 01/11/2018)

the 3rd video (IOHK 01/11/2018) is helpful to understand why TPS really is an overrated metric.

to understand the single thread performance and epochs in parallel I recommend also to watch this video:


Thanks for that video.

A couple of questions about running parallel epochs…Is that something the existing stake pools will perform? Also are these parallel epochs side chains to one another? Is that part of the upcoming Hydra protocol or something that Ouroboros can do now?


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