ADA $OHM Fork?

I see all sorts of OHM forks popping up on other networks given the success of OHM. Does anyone know of any plans to get one on ADA once we have PAB and full DApps launched? Appreciate your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Sorry for my ignorance - but what is an OHM fork?

Olympus DAO on ETH was the original.

There have been a bunch that have used the OHM code and are popping up on other networks.

ROME = MoonRiver (DOT)
TIME = Avalanche

This is a good overview on what I’m talking about and what’s been popping up.

Hello @uwbadger12345

There is no need to fork OHM to Cardano. Cardano already announced their algorithmic stable coin called Djed about 5 months ago. Unlike OHM it was actually mathematically proven and tested so those OHM money loosing errors can be avoided, like this one: OlympusDAO mistake lets user spend $50,000 to buy $1.43 million in OHM | The Block
So, at this point forking OHM on Cardano network would be like a downgrade. Just wait for Djed to come out next year.
Djed will be issued by COTI . Here is IOHK announcement link:
Here is Djed website:


I’m not sure but TIME is pretty awesome.