Vasil Hard Fork, Djed stablecoin, and more. Cardano has the potential to hit 10$ in 2025-2026.

There has been a lot of good news for development in the cardano ecosystem. I believe that if crypto enthusiasts and investors alike can come back to the comfort of stablecoins, Djed will provide a lot of volume into the ecosystem which is great for Cardano and investors alike.

This is not financial advice, merely my personal opinions

I also believe that the the Vasil Hard Fork is going to be great for promoting more and projects into the ecosystem by increasing scalability. I believe the IOHK has a goal of being able to process a million transactions a second in the long run of the project and this is one of the first steps to reach that goal.

I am also unaware of exactly what the Vasil Hard Fork is doing in a technological aspect, I just really do not understand exactly how everything works so if anyone could provide more insight it would be much appreciated. I apologize for my ignorance :slight_smile:

The only issues for Cardano I see in the long run is its correlation to other cryptocurrencies specifically Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been consistently correlated to the entire market and I just don’t see Bitcoin surviving based on the fact that it represents more of digital gold than a digital currency. It relies mostly on volume and investor sentiment.

If Bitcoin does not survive in the long run, it could be disastrous for the crypto market as we have seen with TerraUSD crashing horribly due to the fradulent schemes pulled by Terra Labs and the Luna Guard Foundation. They bought a billion dollars of bitcoin becoming one of the largest holders of the currency days before the crash. Although there is not concrete proof, a wallet with similar holdings sent out a bunch of bitcoin to a bunch of other wallets and the destination of all of that bitcoin is unknown.

I have never liked psuedonmyous cryptocurrencies, the idea of Satoshi scares me and it is why I have never invested in it. I like Cardano because it is very transparent, its roadmap is clear and efficient, its volume and community have been prosperous, projects have been coming into the ecosystem at great numbers, and the ecosystem is becoming bigger, stronger, and more efficient by the day.

I am holding for the long term, and this recession we are facing is going to be difficult for cryptocurrencies to survive especially when many will crash to nothing just like Terra did. I truly believe this crypto winter we are facing will directly compare to the dotcom crash that destroyed a lot of companies and brought some of the most innovative companies the world uses immensely.

I think Cardano will only grow in popularity as now investors can not simply rely on investor speculation and price increases to make a quick buck. Investors will have to be more willing to truly analyze the technological differences and superiorities each cryptocurrency has. Cardano’s peer research system is really amazing and allows for it to be truly transparent and in my opinion as efficient as possible.

I have been hodling for quite some time and have accumulated quite a number of Cardano but am now looking to immerse myself in the business aspect of Cardano and how projects are making money and innovating the ecosystem day by day. If anyone has any advice or would like to discuss, I would love to!

Thanks for reading this, I am truly honored to be a part of this community.


i to have ada now i did several amount of mistakes and lost all my savings of 15 years now back to zero and try to find a job who pays me just enogh to eat i live in mexico and left the country 20 years a go looking for a economical chance i was nice to belibe at some point in crypto but now when i see how fast you can lost money the only i can say is Good luck all

Well I believe after 2021 when cryptocurrencies exploded to frankly overvalued prices, this downtrend was to be expected as a recession has been hitting our economy for quite some time, inflation is an increasingly rising issue, and the current Russo-Ukraine war is all the more hurting the stock market and the crypto system alike.

Making money in the cardano ecosystem will not preside from mere hodling of coins hoping the value will increase as times goes on. But actually processing payments, selling NFTs, and so many more amazing ideas. It will rely on contributing to the ecosystem a little more than hodling wallets for a long period of time. Cryptocurrencies would be dead if everyone merely hodled coins forever. It relies on volume and it actually being used for payments, products, etc in the real world.

Cardano has pumping out projects at an amazing rate, and the more the merrier. Cardano is increasingly becoming popularized based on its technological superiorities, decentralized peer-to-peer research team, an extensive roadmap, and so much more!

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i lost savings in crypto around 14k and finish with no food i had a homeless life almost half of my life to think one day maybe crypto will do something i evaporate my savings in the wrong place this is my day living close
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