ADA on bsc--how to send to ADA wallet

ADA on bsc–how to send to ADA wallet. Is only way to send to exchange then send from exchange to ADA wallet?

You need to trade that BSC for ADA on an exchange. Then you can send ADA to your Cardano address.

They told me in telegram that can only do that via binance exchange-i use kucoin.
sorry–I have ada already but its on bsc chain

Are you referring to the Binance Coin or something else? See if KuCoin allows you to trade for USDT or some other currency that you can convert to ADA.

No I have bought ada on bsc chain–so I hold ada already–anyway I see that I will have to send it to binance chain -then send to my ada wallet

That’s not the real ADA but some coin on the Binance chain. Yeah, I guess you will need to try to convert that on Binance.

I know… that’s why I want to convert it to ada on chain ,put in my wallet so I can stake it etc… I know what I have to do now–thx