ADA sent to Ledger going to Adalite pool automatically

I transferred my ADA to ledger nano s through adalite. Later I staked to Adalite pool via adalite.
Now I want to transfer some more ADA to ledger but I want to stake it to a pool via Yoroi. However, when I connect Yoroi, it also shows me balance staked with Adalite pool. Is it correct behavior?
When I transfer additional ADA to ledger using Yoroi, it goes to Adalite pool automatically. Please advise, how can I transfer new ADA to a pool of my choice in Yoroi?

Be carefull to telegram! Do not send the seed words! If u see the funds inside yoroi it’s fine
Did u staked with adalite pool? You can go to delegation center inside yoroi and re-delegate

@Zyroxa I think @Success3 is not a good person :slight_smile:

Thanks dear…I was spammed on Telegram message and call to go to site and import. There seems lot of scammer out here… is one of the site recommended by them which I think is a scam

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Yes, it’s full of scammers there

You can connect your Ledger to or Yoroi. In both cases you send your ADA to neither of these wallets but an address in the blockchain that is controlled by the secret key in your Ledger. i.e. for a simple transfer it does not matter what client software you use with your Ledger.

Ledger supports the BIP44 standard for deterministic hierarchical wallets, which gives you a number of independent “accounts”. Each account comes with its own staking key. Hence, it can be delegated separately.

ADALite supports these multiple accounts, Daedalus and Yoroi do not AFAIK.

In a nutshell, you probably want to connect your Ledger to ADALite and send these additional ADA to a second account (i.e. Account2), which you can then delegate to another pool like this one. “Cost per Block” is the single most important metric that determines your return.