Несанкционированный перевод ADA

Всем привет!
Подскажите, куда обращаться в случае незаконного перевода ADA с моего кошелька на другой счет? Не понимаю как это произошло. Данные никуда не давал. С ноября 2021 года не заходил даже в кошелек (Daedalus). Сегодня загрузился кошелек и увидел такой перевод.

Dear Gon, welcome to the Cardano forums, as far as Google translate could help me, we for sure would need more information, but maybe choosing the right forum / language could also speed up in identifying your exact problem.
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:thinking: oh, there is no Russian section :confused:
Could you please switch to English and/or use Google Translate friendly wording? :slight_smile:

Tell me where to contact in case of illegal transfer of ADA from my wallet to another account? I don’t understand how it happened. Didn’t give any data. Since November 2021, I have not even entered my wallet (Daedalus). Today the wallet loaded and saw such a transfer.

There is noone to contact. It’s your ADA managed by you. Transactions cannot be undone by anyone.

Maybe your computer had some kind of malware or you have stored your seed phrase insecurely.

Hard to tell from afar, but the transaction must have been done using your credentials.