Adaberry Pi [00000] pool disappeared from Yoroi delegation list

The pool metadata has been showing fine in Yoroi since the last update about a week ago and there have been no changes made to the pool setup. It’s running great with plenty of incoming and outgoing peers connected (2 relays with 11/18 and 10/23). It shows up fine in,, and While I don’t have a Daedalus node, Adalite shows 00000.

Has anyone seen this problem with Yoroi or its data source?

Seems to have “resolved itself,” but still disconccerting that it would disappear for no apparent reason for at least an hour.

If you were using Windows, there was a known bug with the latest update (June) that prevented access to remote devices and/or log files. They patched it right away. It could explain why some worked and some didn’t and why it resolved quickly.