ADAbreathes [BRTHE] stake pool - Your future is our future

We are an activist stake pool !

We are trying create a better world and this can also be achieved by redistributing wealth.

Our my goal is to make ADABreathes a nonprofit organization to directly help others. For now, 10% of the pool operator share will be donated to institutions - this value can increase, depending on the rewards. The first organization we will help is Save The Children. Idealist, we will want our delegators to chose which organization to help.

If possible, we would like to create a close relationship with our delegators - i am a talker. Follow us and text us in our official telegram channel:

Twitter - here you can find the offical telegram:

Website - here you can check check our pool metrics and rewards - transparency:

We are not here to be the biggest stake pool. We are here to be the best stake pool. For this I want our delegators to be happy, To achieve this we assure a good pool performance so you can receive max rewards possible.

Technical wise, we have more than 10 years of experience in systems and software development. Everything is running smoothly. We are in the crypto space for a while and in the Cardano ecosystem for two years now.

We truly believe in the Cardano project and philosophy and this made us dream. Help us help others.

BRTHE - Let’s invest in our future together.


Hi Anselmo,

I like the vision and brand of your BRTHE Pool.

I hope you will attract more delegators to support good causes!

Giving back…awesome

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Hi Brentsk!

Thanks for your feedback and support!

We are here to stay forever. This made us dream and we will work hard to achieve our goal. A fairer system!


Hello Ansel,

Could you check something?

If someone want to delegate on the Yoroi extension to your pool it says “unknown pool”

id: 80cb48c2953a78d25f69dbcea305fbcce0c520c25d401cd75a259cf1

Hi brentsk!

Here is our id:

I will test it myself in YOROI wallet and I will give you feedback.

Feel free to join us on our telegram:

And a big welcome ! :slight_smile:


It is working.

Check if there is blanc spaces when you copy the pool id.


Additionally, here’s a guide how to delegate using YOROI:

Obviously looks fine there but as @Brentsk said it was coming up with “unknown pool” in the name space when I checked earlier.

I’m guessing it’s due to how Yoroi retrieves the info and could happen to any pool but only temporarily. Just a guess though…

Probably :slight_smile:

YOROI delegation functionality just rollout a few days ago. Maybe some glitches yet.

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Great introduction and pool branding… I hope you find success!

Thanks ! We will make it happen :slight_smile:

Please take a look at my site…
It is still a work in progress but it is intended to be a directory for pools donating a percentage of pool fees to charitable organizations


Great idea! I like it.

And it promotes want i belive to be a positive message. A better world :slight_smile:

Let us know when is finished (but it looks almost finished).

With your permission, i would like to take part of your project and help.


Hi Anselmo!

I would like to add my favorite project for next months donation :slight_smile:

(I prefer donations to one of the African projects)