- new features added! Human readable transaction ledger, ETH support, ADA price quotes, more

Hi all,
After another week+ of working on, I’m happy to show you a number of new features and improvements.

1 - Transaction listing is now fully human readable, showing each transaction as In or Out (i.e. deposit or withdrawal). You now see the actual in and out of transaction amounts, just like a bank statement! This was actually complicated to do in Cardano, but is way more usable/readable vs. the default results from the blockchain.
Here’s how it looks now on AdaCheck:

and the same address shown on CardanoExplorer so you can see the difference in terms of how transactions are displayed:

1A - After loading an address, you can then search by transaction id or by amount of the transaction. Pagination also added to control how many transactions shown per page.

Note - you can view yourself the difference using these 2 links, which will show the identical Ada address to compare:

2 - Latest Ada price is now shown at the top (thanks to - the idea is if you are about to make a transaction, we want to inform you of the current rate.

3 - ETH support added! Long term Ada will interact with all the major currencies, (and hopefully lure away their users :), plus it’s always possible someone may check an Ada address with an ETH address instead.

Thus, AdaCheck will now auto-detect between valid Ada address and valid ETH, and if ETH address, it will provide the same info regarding balance, validity, transaction history (thanks to for hooking us up!):

4 - Transaction notification: We were ready to code this feature where you could register to be notified of incoming or outgoing transactions to your address.
However, the socket support offered by Cardano to do this is not working (errs out connecting). We believe the same errors are happening in CardanoExplorer so it seems intrinsic to the current state of the blockchain and notification support at this time. We’ll attempt to offer it in the future.

If you see additional features you’d like to be added to, pls feel free to post and let us know! Otherwise,starting tomorrow we begin work on a dedicated Ada decentralized exchange to help make Ada more easily available to the world :slight_smile:


Well, well well - this is great actually :heart_eyes:


A Decentralized exchange!?? :slight_smile:


One minor update - due to feedback, we have changed the date format to ISO 8601 = “YYYY-MM-DD” for all transaction listings.

This will resolve the conflict where US dates are: MM-DD-YYYY, vs rest of world is DD-MM-YYYY. And thus it was creating confusion between month and date for people.

With that resolved, we’ll try and offer a spreadsheet ready CSV dump of transactions as well later this week, and the new date format will make it readily sortable.

Well since you are still working on it maybe you could put an ETH conversion rate along side the $ price, a btc conversion rate we bould good too, in general I look at the ADA:BTC value when determining the value of my ADA and will do so until I can convert my paycheck to ADA with no other fiat:crypto conversion, but since the page is showing support for ETH than it would be a very useful piece of information for ETH holders wishing to convert to ADA and ADA holders wishing to convert to ETH.
Not to hold you up on any of your other plan’s I just thought these would be good on your site also, but do not put to much work into little things I suggest that I selfishly think would be nice to have.
I do appreciate your commitment to further developments for the ADA infrastructure!

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Hi Less! @MegaWind
I’m impressed with what you’ve achieved so far (a staking pool + an ADA/ETH address checker) and I can’t wait to see the decentralized exchange you’re building. That would truly be amazing.

Keep up the great work and please let the community know if you need any help refreshing the design of!


Great stuff MegaWind. Your contribution is appreciated. Looking forward to the exchange