Hello. We’ve launched new explorer. Please check it out. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Update (21.12.18):

Update (14.11.18):

  • We’ve added some promotional links for valuable ecosystem projects (in our opinion).

Update (08.11.2018):

My Rank is a separate page now with more fun features:

  • Get current fiat value of your ADA balance (10+ currencies supported)
  • Find out what was ATH value of your holdings
  • How far are you from top X number of addresses?

Update (05.11.2018) This update dedicated to UI cleanup:

  • replace most of the icons
  • remove redundant colors
  • more readable addresses format
  • add a footer with contacts and donation address
  • other minor UI fixes

More features will be released soon. Stay tuned.

P.S. Let us know what features you want to see, best ideas will be implemented.


I see ada transaction without any fees, how does that work

I like the rich list that shows more than 100 address (and shows how poor i am)

Maybe pie chart can be added in the future

Can you post a link for such txs please?

Working on it now. Thank you for feedback

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Nice work!

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Added to bookmarks =]

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It is not a transaction. It is an empty block. So fees are 0.

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And we finally have the correct rich-list! :raised_hands:



Thanks for the site.
Feedback: the experience on a mobile browser is very poor!

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We are aware of it. Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s on TODO list, however with low priority.

Hey @bovich,
I love the fact that the rich list was extended. Can I use this in a video? I would credit you. :slight_smile:

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Sure. Go ahead

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Thank you. Here it is.


Great work, @bovich! :candy::candy::candy::cake::blush: It’s sooo great to finally see someone else with the right numbers :wink::wink::muscle::dancing_women::raised_hands:


Would love to see something like this


1,056 views. Thanks for promo man!


Thanks for the site. :slight_smile: