AdaScan future

Brief explanation of what happened lately:

Emugro launched their new explorer for Cardano (Sieza). On the 4th day of its launch they got listed on Coinmarketcap. According to @vantuz-subhuman they’ve just followed standard listing procedure - link

Very lucky indeed, considering the fact that in took me 12 days to actually get some response from CMC when I tried to get listed as well. Response was something like “we will pass info to the devs, thanks for letting us know about your explorer”

Yesterday AdaLite switched to Sieza as well. Quote from the letter I got:

AdaScan works great and I would like to thank you for our cooperation but we would like to use Seiza as we (Vacuumlabs) developed it for Emurgo.

So what did I get after 8 months of AdaScan running:

  • Top referrer (AdaLite) - gone

  • CMC acknowledge Seiza as more valuable explorer (even though it showed negative balances on the day it was listed, and now balances are still inaccurate)

  • Accusations from Emugro employee that I’ve haven’t done enough to get the same results as Sieza got and failed to prove value and reliability of community projects - link

What I’ve decided to do:

  • AdaScan was turned off - link

After it several users reached out and offer financial assistance. That is why I am creating this topic.

I am still have no desire to continue developing AdaScan, but I see that community wants it back online, so here are options I can offer for community:

  1. Explorer will be back online in its previous state if:
    a. We gather 12k USD (fiat equivalent of the efforts being put into it) of donations
    b. CMC will list AdaScan as Explorer 2 instead of Sieza

  2. AdaScan will be upgraded accordingly with Shelley testent release and the next mainnet release if we gather 10k USD (fiat equivalent of the efforts that would be needed for the upgrade) more.

  3. Monthly expenses to run adascan is about 80$. I am ready to continue cover it from my pocket if at least one of previous 2 condition will be fulfilled.

  4. Explorer will remain non-commercial unless I have no money to run it anymore. In that case community will decide either we gather some more donations or run enable google adds, etc.

In case if only 1st condition will be fulfilled I do not 100% promise any new features or updates to be implemented. Updates will probably happen, but only if I have free time and desire.

In case if 2nd condition will be fulfilled I 100% promise ONLY Shelley updates. Once again any other updates will probably happen, but only if I have free time and desire.

P.S. It is not ultimatum or blackmailing. I am writing only because people reached me out and offered funding. AdaScan was created because of my belief in project and only funding I had was my enthusiasm. Unfortunately (or luckily) I own no ADA anymore and not going to buy it anytime soon, neither I have belief, so I don’t care if explorer be online or not. Community will decide what happens next.


Please write here your thoughts. If I see enough support, donation wallets will be posted.

AdaScan was by far my favourite explorer and will be missed. Have you considered open sourcing the code or seeing if anyone else would like to take over the project?

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Ready to donate 1 ada for the development of the project

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krasava :+1::+1:

I have never used adascan, but I think you should open the donation wallet anyway and let the community decide the direction. If it has values the product should survive, if it has values but it couldn’t survive then yeah the community is not mature enough for you to go on.Just like the current situation of IOHK ETC mantis wallet. I also suggest you publish this to reddit where you will get way more exposure.

Hi @bovich

This is very disappointing and flies in the face of the project being community driven. It is the kind of outcome that would make many think that it is a project very much centralised to the 3 core entities.

I would certainly hope that Coinmarketcap will still respond and list you according to the order in which it was received. Maybe this is an opportunity for the Cardano Foundation (@Nathan_Kaiser) to show some support and help engage with CMC in the interest of broadening community involvement. It doesn’t look good for future contributors who may be put off from spending their time if Emurgo just swoops in down the track (because they have the name) and makes their efforts redundant.

It surprises me that Emurgo didn’t approach you about supporting what you have done to date and helping develop AdaScan further, rather than just starting something of their own from scratch. I thought they were supposed to be an incubator.

Anyway, I am happy to help in any way I can (development, hosting, etc.) and would also be prepared to donate to options 1 and/or 2 (although I hope option 1b happens).

Hang in there mate, we can’t afford to lose valuable community members like you.




I am not against the community supporting an alternative explorer, but where do you get that $12k number from? Is that your sale price?

I don’t think 1.b is happening. That’s a ridiculous demand anyway.

I love what you have done but if you can’t compete with reality, you will be left behind.

From the looks of it you are willing to let the fruits of your labor go to waste rather than letting it flourish in the hands of someone else.

That’s the sad part of it.

Number of hours spent * my usual dev rate + Number of hours spent * my friend’s usual dev rate

Alright, so does that $12k represent a sale price for the domain and everything that underlies

Or you are just asking for $12k just to keep things running?

Keep things running

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There’s space for both, in a decentralized ecosystem.

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If there be someone who ready to pay this amount simultaneously I am ready to sell it. Everything

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Guys, I’m sorry to be the bad guy here, but I see this differently from some of you.

Emurgo can’t be blamed for CMC’s decision. As for CMC, many individuals and organisations will inevitably prefer official options, even though that goes against the ethos of decentralisation.

AdaLite can’t reasonably be criticised for preferring their own product.

Similarly, we can’t expect officials to worry about stepping on the toes of community members in this sort of way. If they see the production of an official option as generally beneficial to the ecosystem, would it be right to decide against that in case it causes such problems for what is actually a very small section of the community?


Thanks and all interesting, and all well noted. It’s early days for crypto and Cardano still - with undesirable outcomes, friction, frustration - despite lots of efforts put in and goodwill invested. Please send me an email pretty much with copy/paste of your post above, and I can then try to take this further, I think we should be able to help a lending hand.

By the way, I just checked, and the website is not back up yet?

Warm regards, – Nathan


Have you tried petitioning CF for funding?

Why can’t CMC have more than 2 explorers for Cardano? Bitcoin has 4 explorers, Ethereum has 4, as well, XRP, EOS, Stellar has 3 each. I know they’re big, but cardanoexplorer and adascan are still reliable explorers on top of Emurgo’s seiza.

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@xxrsee this is about funding. Each explorer brings different things to the table, they have their own unique style. I see value in all of them.

b. CMC will list AdaScan as Explorer 2 instead of Sieza

It’s just odd to me that we have to choose only ONE for CMC’s 2nd explorer slot for Cardano while a bunch of other projects out there have 3 or more. I haven’t even used CMC anymore for half a year.

And great for CF support!

I think the problem here is the notion that only one of the big 3 can provide an “official” product in this ecosystem. I thought we had a different ethos.

Thanks for the fast response Nathan. Great to see the Foundation being involved in these kinds of issues in our community.

Sounds promising @bovich